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Isolation Housing Wi-Fi Information

Network Connection Guide for Temporary Residents of Capa and Porton

This page describes how to connect to the UCSD Graduate & Family Housing WiFi network while temporarily residing in Capa or Porton. Temporary residents will be provided with Active Directory credentials to be used specifically for accessing Wi-Fi in the unit.

Step 1: Select your WiFi network
Connect to the wireless network for your home service area: graduatefamilyhousingresident
Passcode: gfhresident

Step 2: Log in
Once connected to the wireless network, your device will automatically load the Log in page. Make sure you accept the Terms of Service before selecting “Log In” to continue.

If the Log in page does not automatically load after 30 seconds, open your device’s web browser and enter a non-encrypted url (such as “” or “”) in the navigation bar. This will redirect your web browser to the Log in page.

Step 3: Sign In to UCSD using Active Directory

When prompted, enter the Active Directory credentials provided for your unit. If you experience an issue with the Active Directory credentials, contact ResNet at 858-246-4357.

Step 4: Select the home residence building
From the drop down menu, select your building and click “Continue.”

Note: Initial authentication may take up to one minute. If your device does not connect after one minute, please disconnect and reconnect to the WiFi network.

The following screen indicates your connection is successful.

How to Get Help

If you experience issues with the Active Directory credentials provided, please contact ResNet at 858-246-4357.

If you experience issues with any of the pages associated with the WiFi, please contact Spectrum’s UCSD specific helpline at 866-204-8493.