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Duo Frequently Asked Questions

Are you having trouble with Duo? Check out some of our FAQs to help troubleshoot your issue. 

If you are still having trouble with Duo, please contact the ITS Service Desk. Our technicians can be reached via phone, email, chat, and in person at our Front Desk. Please check out our Get Help page for our hours and location. 

I lost/broke my phone. How can I log into my UCSD accounts?

If your phone was lost or stolen and you do not have a back up device registered, please come to our Front Desk at Applied Physics and Mathematics Building (first floor, room 1313) to talk to a technician. Bring a valid photo ID, and one of our ResNet technicians can help you regain your access immediately.

If you are currently abroad and cannot come to the front desk, please call us at 858-246-4357. 

I'm going abroad. What should I do so I don't lose access?

If you are studying abroad and changing your phone number to an international one, please make sure you add the phone number before going abroad. You will still be able to receive Push notifications as long as the correct phone number is registered to your account. If you are changing your phone number after you go abroad, please make sure you set up a back up device before you move. Remember that the passcode option on the app will still work even if you do not have cell or Internet service on your device. 

For any assistance in setting up your Duo account before going abroad, please contact the ITS Service Desk.

Do I need to set up Duo on my computer?

No, Duo two step is only for mobile devices. This is so that even if you log into your accounts in different computers, you will still be able to authenticate using your mobile device.

What accounts require Duo?

Any accounts that require "Active Directory" credentials will have you use Duo to authenticate. This includes your UCSD email, myTritonlink, and Canvas. A complete list of UCSD student systems that use Duo can be found here.

Why should I register multiple devices?

If your phone is your main device and it gets stolen or breaks, you will not have access to your UCSD accounts such as email or Canvas. Although you can call our Service Desk to regain access, it may happen over the weekend or during our closed hours. To avoid ever losing access to your account, especially before a deadline or exams, we strongly urge you to set up a back up device for emergencies. This applies even if you get a new phone number. 

 If you don't have another device to register, please read about our token option here.

Can I use a different form of 2-step authentication that's not Duo?

No, UCSD has partnered with Duo to provide extra security for all staff and students. As long as you are using UCSD credentials to log in, you will have to use Duo.

I'm tired of clicking Duo every time I log in. Is there a way to reduce this?

Yes! When logging in, you can chose "Remember me for 7 days option" to avoid authenticating every single time you log in. This option will only ask you to authenticate once a week. If you are having trouble seeing the 7 days option, please check out our troubleshooting steps here.

I am concerned that Duo is violating my privacy.

UCSD has a contract with Duo to protect your data and privacy. More information about UCSD's efforts to protect your privacy can be found here.

If you are still concerned about downloading the app onto your phone, please read about our token option in Additional Devices & Preferences.