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Spectrum Cable TV Information

Housing, Dining, and Hospitality partners with Spectrum Cable to provide cable TV service for on-campus students. Cable TV service will be available in each common room without additional fees. ResNet provides first-tier support for students using the Spectrum TV service.

Basic Cable TV Service

View the list of channels available here.

In order to use this service, you will need:

  • A TV with a Qam digital tuner or a digital-TV converter box if your TV does not support digital signals.
  • A coax cable


Having trouble getting our Cable TV services? Check out some of the troubleshooting steps listed below. 

If you are still having trouble, please contact ResNet for further assistance. 

I'm getting different channels than the ones that are on the lineup.

  • Check to make sure that your television is set to "Cable TV" when you are scanning for channels.
    • Some TVs have settings for "Air", "Cable TV" or "Air + Cable TV."
    • In order to ensure you are receiving the appropriate channels please make sure it is set to "Cable TV" only as there are some occasions where the "Air" channels will override the Digital Cable channels.
    • Once set to "Cable TV" only, perform a channel scan.

I get a snowy picture, there are lines through the picture, or double images.

  • Check your power connection and make sure both ends are plugged in securely.
  • Make sure the coax cable for the cable is secure on both ends.
  • Verify that the TV is on the correct input and channel (2, 3, or 4).

I'm missing channels that are listed available on the UCSD Channel Line-Up list.

  • Verify that the TV is on the proper input.
  • Cycle through the inputs.
  • Perform a channel scan.

I have my own TiVo or personal DVR. How do I use it with Spectrum?

  •  If your personal DVR supports "Clear QAM" digital signal, then it should work appropriately.
  • Currently from the TiVo faq page, there seems to be limited capabilities for TiVo in the current campus configuration as CableCARDs are not supported

(Clear QAM) Why does my DVR need a CableCARD to display some unencrypted channels?

  • Some cable providers include unencrypted channels in their cable lineups. These channels usually are rebroadcasts of ATSC (antenna) channels. If you perform a channel scan, these unencrypted channels (which are also known as "clear QAM channels") appear in your channel list, and your TiVo device can tune to them, but you will not receive program guide data for them unless you obtain a CableCARD from your cable provider.

  • Unlike analog channels, which are mapped to fixed base frequencies to comply with industry-wide broadcast standards, digital channels can be broadcast on any frequency your cable provider chooses, and the frequency can be changed at any time.

  • Gracenote, which provides program guide data to TiVo, does not collect tuning frequency data from cable providers.

  • As soon as a CableCARD is installed and activated, the card downloads a channel map from your cable provider that tells the UES/DVR which frequency to tune to in order to display each channel in your lineup. With this information, the UES/DVR can match the program guide data with the tuning frequency.

  • Without the CableCARD channel map, the TiVo device cannot automatically tune to the correct channel to begin a scheduled recording. This means that without a CableCARD, you can only record a program on a digital channel by pressing the Record button while the show is playing in Live TV.