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What is ResNet?


ResNet (short for Residential Networking) is the physical network that provides each undergraduate student living in the on-campus housing with wireless network connections.  

ResNet is also a group within the Information Technology (ITS) Service Desk that provides network and computer related support for students.

What does ResNet provide?

ResNet provides you with a network connection in your living areas and cable TV service in your suite or apartment's common room. We also provide technical support for these services.

As of Fall 2020, the ResNet network has been transitioned to a wireless-only infrastructure to improve wireless coverage throughout the residences. Wireless access is available throughout the residence, including the common room and bedrooms. Wired connections are not available.

Does ResNet provide warranty certified support?

ResNet staff will help you with software troubleshooting, but we do not have contracts with the manufacturers to do warranty certified work.

What does ResNet cost?

All costs for the services provided by ResNet are included in your student housing fees. There are no additional fees or charges.

Who can connect?

All UC San Diego affiliates are able to login using their Active Directory (AD) information. Your Active Directory login is usually the first part of your UCSD email address (before "") and the email password. Guests of the university are able to create a guest login account. More information on getting connected to the ResNet network can be found on our Get Connected page.

How do I get connected?

Since most computers are set up with default configuration settings that work right away, simply connect to the encrypted wireless using your UC San Diego AD username & password. More information on connecting for the first time can be found on our Get Connected page.

How many devices can I connect to the network?

There are currently no device limits per user on the ResNet network. You may have multiple devices on the network and multiple IP addresses associated with your username as long as you do not violate the Acceptable Use Policy. ResNet reserves the right to limit the number of IPs registered to you.

Should I get a Mac or a PC?

Both types of computers are supported by ResNet, and while they are functionally the same, some programs will only work exclusively on PC or Mac. We recommend you spend some time researching your purchase and choose a computer that runs the programs you wish to use (for example, you will need a Mac computer if you want to run GarageBand, and you will need a PC if you want to run most video games) and fits your budget.