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Quarantined Devices

If you are able to connect to the network, but are unable to access any websites, there is a possibility that your device has been quarantined. Devices can be quarantined for reasons including, but not limited to, DMCA violations and malware. If your device has been blocked, you should receive correspondence to your UCSD email letting you know that your device has been blocked.

What can I do to get unblocked?

Devices quarantined for malware

  • Run a security scan on the antivirus that you have installed on your device. 
  • Contact us at with a screenshot of the completed scan, confirming that there is no malware on the device.
  • Once we are able to confirm that there is no malware on your device, a ResNet technician will be able to help you unblock the device. 

Devices quarantined for DMCA violations 

  • Refer to the steps listed in the DMCA Violations page for instructions on how to unblock your device.

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