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Network Connection Guide

Connecting to RESNET


To connect to RESNET, connect your device to the RESNET-PROTECTED Wi-Fi network and sign in with your Active Directory username (your UC San Diego e-mail without "") and your AD password. For a more in-depth guide for connecting to RESNET-PROTECTED, please review the following Knowledge Base article:  Connect to RESNET-PROTECTED

Android and Chromebook Users

To connect to RESNET-PROTECTED, Android and Chromebook users must select PEAP for their EAP method and MSCHAPV2 for their Phase 2 Authentication. For more information, see our guide:  Configure Android, Chromebook, and some Linux Devices to connect to RESNET-PROTECTED.


Devices without browser support or support for 5GHz Wi-Fi will need to be registered for—and connect to—the RESNET-GUEST-DEVICE network. You will need to first register your devices at using their MAC address. We maintain steps to find the MAC address of common devices here: Common Devices.

Once you have registered your device, connect it to RESNET-GUEST-DEVICE with the password ResnetConnect. Your device should be able to connect if it is registered.

For more information, see Available Networks.

File Sharing & Copyright

Downloading and sharing copyrighted material without authorization from the copyright holder is illegal. While UC San Diego does not track your internet browsing, if RESNET receives a copyright notice for a device associated with you, we are obligated by law to comply with that notice.

RESNET has a three-violation system in place for copyright that is outlined here:  DMCA Violations. We have also outlined it below:

Consequences of First, Second, and Third DMCA violations.
Violation Outcome
First Violation

Your connection will be blocked until you:

  1. Complete a security scan with RESNET.
  2. Complete a Copyright violation Canvas course.
  3. Accept the Copyright Agreement.
Second Violation

The same procedures as the first violation apply as well as the following:

  1. You will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and may be subject to sanctions.
  2. You will meet with the RESNET manager.
Third Violation

The same procedures as the second violation apply as well as the following:

  1. Your connection to the UC San Diego network will be permanently blocked.
  2. You will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct again and may be subject to sanctions including a fine and suspension.

Connection Troubleshooting

For information on troubleshooting your connection to the RESNET network, please see the following Knowledge Base article:  Troubleshooting ResNet Connection Issues.

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