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How to Connect Your Computer to the Internet

Before you start, you'll need:

Connecting to the internet using a wireless connection

  1. Connect to an available ResNet network (eg. RESNET-PROTECTED or RESNET-GUEST-DEVICE). Read about the differences in ResNet's available networks. To connect to RESNET-PROTECTED, use your UCSD username and password as the network credentials. Some devices need more configuration options for RESNET-PROTECTED which can be found on the Configure Android, Chromebook, and some Linux Devices to connect to RESNET-PROTECTED webpage. To connect to RESNET-GUEST-DEVICE, use password ResnetConnect and accept the acceptable use policy. If no page loads, please navigate to  
    • Devices that will be using RESNET-GUEST-DEVICE should be registered through the Device Portal to ensure they can access UCSD resources when connected. Information about registration can be found on the How to Connect to RESNET-GUEST-DEVICE webpage. 
  2. Familiarize yourself with the ResNet Acceptable Use Policy.
If you are still having issues connecting to the network, please call ResNet at (858) 246-4357.

Connecting to the internet using a wired Ethernet cable

Ethernet access is not available in residential areas.

However, if you are a student with a disability and need access to Ethernet as an accommodation, please email the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at to schedule an interactive process appointment. During this appointment, students will be able to share how access to Ethernet would mitigate a limitation imposed by a disabling condition. Additional documentation may be requested before the OSD makes a determination.

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