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Connecting to ResNet as a Guest

If you do not have UCSD credentials, you can connect to the ResNet network as a Guest.

To ensure a safe and available network for everyone, Guests need to abide by the Guest Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) when connecting to the network. Guests are held to stricter policies than users with UCSD credentials, so make sure you are aware of the policies before connecting.

Guests vs UCSD Affiliates

Some of the major differences between Guests and UCSD affiliates on the ResNet network are summarized below:

  • Authentication
    • Guests will create a guest account on the ResNet network (email and phone number are required to register)
    • UCSD affiliates will use their UCSD username and password to log into the network
  • Re-authentication
    • Guests need to re-authenticate on the network every 90 days
    • UCSD affiliates re-authenticate on the network every 365 days
  • Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
    • Guests are permanently blocked for the remainder of their stay on campus
    • UCSD affiliates will be blocked but will typically be provided steps for remediation

How to Connect as a Guest

Connect to an Unencrypted Network

When connecting to the ResNet network wirelessly, please use the unencrypted network. This will include all of the ResNet SSID's that are broadcast without a "-E" at the end of them. For example, connect to "RESNET-LOCATION" instead of "RESNET-LOCATION-E." The "-E" network requires UCSD credentials.

Request a Guest Account

Once connected to the network, you will be prompted with a sign on screen for SafeConnect. Please request a guest account and follow the instructions from there.

Ensure your Device is Compliant with Network Policies

UCSD requires that all devices connecting to its network meet minimum security standards. SafeConnect is a tool that ensures that these standards are being met. The SafeConnect Policy Key is required to be installed on all Mac and Windows machines connecting to the ResNet network. Please click here for more information on SafeConnect.

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